The Structure of the Trust

The Trust depends on team work. Our Volunteer Co-ordinator/Marketing Manager uses his computer skills to design or adapt the image, to attach the text, and to print out on suitable paper. Teams of volunteers then cut the print-outs to size, fold them so that the image/photo is on one side, and the text on the other side. These are then inserted in credit card-sized laminating pouches, and laminated.

Our teams meet weekly, fortnightly or as required for two to three hours at a time, producing the cards. The teams become very committed to the task, and to each other. Through their part in the production process they are sharing in the distribution of God’s Word, and the team spirit is much in evidence.

The Trust currently operates with one part-time paid employee and three production teams, supported by the trustees.

How the Trust got its name

Bruce Crerar, the founder, felt that society would become barren if it lost interest in God’s Word. Could society care enough without the knowledge of Scripture to build and sustain that care? He recalled the motto of the City of Edinburgh “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it”.

At an early stage of the work with the cards, Bruce was invited to give a talk to a local church. While preparing this talk in prayer, he was guided to refer to a book in memory of his grandfather, who had been minister of North Leith Church. The book contained the text of a sermon from Amos that his grandfather had preached on the Sunday before he died. This talk was to be given on what turned out to be the anniversary of his grandfather’s death. Bruce felt God had a message for us from Amos, and resolved to use the name Amos Scripture Care Trust.


God moves in a mysterious way; if it were not so, faith would be easier, but joy would have no surprises! The founder sought to address what he saw as a problem for the church. Western society, particularly in Britain, was finding it harder to accept the Word of God. There was also a reluctance among Christians to share their faith with others; a reluctance to talk about it.

Back in the early 1990’s credit and loyalty cards were becoming increasingly popular, and Bruce was seized with the idea of puting scripture onto similar cards. At this time, colour technology for home computers and printers was creating opportunities to develop this concept for the benefit of the church. Some cards were produced and distributed through several Edinburgh churches to gauge the level of interest, which proved positive. The Trust was set up in 1995.

Trust Funding

The Trust is funded, partly by a legacy left by the founder, the late Bruce Crerar; partly by donations from those using the cards, and also from donations from well-wishers. Income from the legacy goes toward funding the part-time employee.