Our Mission Statement:

Focused purely on the Word of God;

Flexible in encouraging Christians to spread the Word of God.

What do we do?

The aim of the Trust is to encourage Christians to share their faith with others, and thus to take part in spreading the Word of God.

We do this by providing small laminated cards with a text or prayer on one side, and a photograph or image on the other. We distribute the cards to hospital and hospice chaplains, to churches, to retreat centers and to individuals. Our aim is to make the cards available to all generations, the young and the old, those for whom the Word is part of their daily lives, and, importantly, to those who are out of touch with the Bible and its teachings and strengths.

Cards can be ordered on-line or by downloading our Order Form; using the Order Form provided with the catalogue; in writing or by telephone.

We can also create cards customized to your needs – your photo or image, and your chosen text. Send us this information, preferably on line. These customized cards can be produced to mark a special occasion – a baptism, an anniversary, an induction, an ordination, a pilgrimage, a special event or project.

Cards in the catalogue are ideal for leaving with folk on pastoral care visits or for sending with greetings cards. They can be made available in churches for visitors to uplift. Some folk order cards to hand them to people on buses or on the New York Metro!

There is no limit to opportunities to get God’s Word to people using the cards.