Below are some kind words from our patrons. Please watch as they cycle through on a slideshow, or click the arrows to scroll through at your own pace.




Hospice Manager

We really loved receiving your cards and our chaplaincy team find them enormously useful to hand out when visiting patients and their families. Keep up the good work.



My wife and I order the cards two or three times a year and send them over to my wife's sister in New York, who gives them out in the sub-way. They are greatly appreciated.


Locum Preacher

I appreciate the cards so much. I am a locum preacher in Glasgow Presbytery. Any church members I give the cards to are so pleased to receive them.



The cards are instrumental in helping some people come to faith, others to grow in faith, and as a resource to bring comfort and great hope and peace to our patients.



I think the cards are a great way to spread the Word of God. They are a nice size, and can easily be carried in a wallet or purse. The scripture verses are encouraging... I have given them to Christian and non-Christian friends; to family abroad; to waiters and waitresses in a restaurant after speaking to them; to grieving relatives at a funeral... I have noted the appreciation of those who have received them.



The cards arrived today and are beautiful... My husband has had quite a few comments about the ones he gave out in the past so he will be using these new ones as from tomorrow... The message on these cards brings help and encouragement to the recipients.



I love the quality of the cards and the messages they contain.

Hospital Chaplain

/ NSW Australia

Your cards are the best I have seen, not least because of their positive message and very helpful texts but also because of the pictures. I see many patients and there are often occasions when cards with some of these wonderful messages and inspiring pictures would be a real blessing. I know that so many value small cards of this kind and the combination of a good photo with the Scripture text is especially helpful. With my prayers and best wishes for this ministry.